Formula 1 Live Stream

Formula 1 is an automobiles competition, held yearly, in two international championships, both organized by the International Federation of Automobiles. The commercial rights of Formula 1 are held by Alpha Prema. The name of Formula 1 is generated by the fact that all the teams registered in the championship must build their own cars, complying with a certain set of rules, decided by the Federation.

Formula 1 is a sport that has become very popular throughout the years, all of the phases of the event being broadcasted in over 200 countries, similar to the Olympic Games.

The competition accepts only those drivers that have received a super license from the Federation, offered only after the pilot has participated in the championships inferior to Formula 1, like GP2, Formula Ford and others.

The participating teams invest incredible amounts of money in the research and development of the cars, rumors talking about sums of as much as 500 million dollars yearly.

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